About Winangay

 WINANGAY Resources is a small not-for-profit Aboriginal controlled non government organisation incorporated as an association with the Office of Fair Trading (NSW INC9895090)


In July 2010, a group of concerned people agreed to work together to improve outcomes for Aboriginal kids in care. They were deeply concerned about the number of Aboriginal children in Out-of-Home Care and the lack of support for many kinship carers. They were fuelled by a passion and determination to see change.

 A project team, was formed and they agreed to work without any funding, relying on “pro-bono” and “in kind” support. The team was headed by Aunty Sue Blacklock and included both Paula Hayden and Gillian Bonser. Their first project was to develop a new culturally appropriate resource tool to assess and support Existing Aboriginal Kinship Carers. The tool was validated and refined by an Aboriginal Reference group that included Aboriginal OOHC workers, ABSEC, other Aboriginal workers, BenSoc, the NSW Children’s Guardian and Dr Marilyn McHugh (UNSW). The development of the tool also benefitted from the generous support of Professor and Chair of Child Protection Marianne Berry – from the Australian Centre for Child Protection).

 Once the resource was developed Winangay Resources was established and incorporated to own the tool and ensure it is controlled by and used for Aboriginal people.

Since then Winangay have developed a number of new resources including a review tool for kinship placements and a couple of non-Aboriginal kinship assessment resources. Our priority however remains developing stronger ways of working with Aboriginal kids, families and communities. Winangay Resources will work with other interested Aboriginal people, organisations and communities to improve outcomes for Aboriginal kids in care. They aim to develop resources that support agencies and workers that work with Aboriginal children in care.

 The Winangay Team are now working on developing training and yarning resources for new Aboriginal kinship carers.

Purpose of WINANGAY Resources:

  • Promote the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children and communities
  • Maintain Aboriginal children’s cultural identity and family relationships
  • Reduce disadvantage and poverty by building capacity in Aboriginal communities
  • Empower and support Aboriginal people by fostering self determination and participation
  • Work towards Social Justice for Aboriginal families and communities
  • To shape best practice in the development of culturally appropriate resources and training

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